Bulletproof Coffee Review: Why I Put Butter in My Coffee

UncategorizedSeptember 16, 2013 • 1~2 min read

Have you heard about the latest news in the hot beverage world? If you haven’t the news is that you should be replacing the milk or cream you have in your cup of coffee with butter. Yes, that yellow stuff you spread on toast normally or flavor vegetables and cook with. However, it should be the real stuff which is grass fed butter that is unsalted. Well that is according to the Bulletproof coffee recipe that I read over at http://bulletproof-coffee.com/bulletproof-coffee-recipe/

The other two main ingredients needed are premium coffee beans and MCT oil. Premium coffee mean organic, high altitude, single origin, South American, wet processed coffee beans. MCT oil is highly refined coconut oil to isolate caprylic acid and capric acid to make ketones in your body.

Well here is my personal experience since experimenting with this new way of drinking coffee. In the last 8 months I have:

  1. Lost 33 pounds in weight,
  2. Done intermittent fasting and noticed decreased appetite,
  3. Felt energy all day,
  4. Sharper memory and speech,
  5. No longer need to put sugar in my coffee.

Is Bulletproof coffee a scam? NO! Would I recommend trying out butter coffee this way. YES!

To get started I bought my official Upgraded coffee here.

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